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Available in Drop-Through or Top-Mount.


Classic Eastside Models

The Tabor - Eastside's first classic model that launched the brand in 2004. Named after a dormant volcano and Portland's most famous longboard run Mt.Tabor. Originally made for urban transportation for the everyday commuter, it is been upgraded to also attack the various terrain of ditches, banks, and skateparks. New mold with more concave with a wider tail and more nose kick to create a more responsive feel at speed. Constructed with 7 plies of extra thick longboard grade maple veneer and non-toxic waterproof glue. Trademark carry Handle is reliable and sturdy for traveling through the busy city life. You'll be ready to throw down, pick up, and ride in between the chaos and traffic. Graphic shows the view of Downtown Portland from the lower Eastside.

Graphic featuring a view of Downtown Portland from the Eastside.

Rocky Bomber - Named after one of the dormant volcanoes in the Portland area Rocky Butte. It's all about freeriding and bombing hills. Top Mount and perfectly symmetrical for a variety of setup options and riding styles. Deep eliptical concave with lots of space to spread your feet out wide for sliding. A combination of wheel-cutouts and wheel-wells allows for wheels up to 76mm with no risor elimating wheelbite. Full length gas-pedals makes it easy to put direct leverage into your slides with any size stance. Tribute graphic to the Eastside shop hound - Otis the Catahoula Leopard Dog.

Graphic featuring the Eastside hound - Otis the Catahoula Leopard Dog!

Carbon DropKick - An all-around board that can do it all - Push, Freeride, and Downhill. Very durable construction laminated with a blend of hardwoods, carbon fiber, and a special resin binding it all together making it highly resistant to water and warping in the most extreme conditions. Graphic displaying a topographical map of the hills surrounding the Portland Zoo. Featuring a drop-thru design for a low and stable feel with a useful kick tail made to maneuver through urban terrain!


Graphic featuring a map of the hills surrounding the Portland Zoo.


Longboarding 101 Classes and Private Lessons

Learn the basics and how to stop safely - Focus on controlling speed and how to slide.

2016 Classes through Portland Community College - Location: Mt.Tabor

Registration at PCC.edu

Private Lessons - $40 an hour / $65 for 2 hours

Contact: robskey@gmail.com / 503-680-0457

Photos by Kroll Images - Longboarding 101 Gallery

PCC Community Ed Longboarding 101 - Video Link


Eastside Longboards Fan Pages

Eastside thanks everyone for their support these last 10 plus amazing years. And special thanks to our local skating scene in Portland and the dedicated riders everywhere for their constant love and pride for the growth of longboarding here and afar. Stay tuned for some new editions and designs as well as many new races and events to attend.



Gnarly Road Rash

Road Rash
"This is what happens when you don't wear leathers and slide on your back at 30 plus mph!
Wear some gear if your going to ride fast!"



Daddies Board Shop - Portland, OR

Muir Skate Shop - San Diego, CA

Motion Board Shop - Seattle, WA

Edge Board Shop - Dana Point, CA

Switchback Longboards - Vancouver, BC Canada

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